1. How long does it take to set up?                                                                            

5-15 minutes on average.

2. How doe’s the Tent stay inflated?                                                                         

A small blower is used to maintain cabin pressure.

3. Does the blower have to be running constantly?                                                

No, we can make the tent Air tight as well, but you need fresh air periodically.

 4. Is the blower compliant?                                                                                       

Yes, it is Ce& Cl certified

5. How much energy is required to run it?                                                               

The blower draws very little energy, equivalent to a house hold appliance.

6. What about air quality?                                                                                      

With the blower running the total volume of air is replaced 6-7  times per hour.

7. Do the windows fog?                                                                                            

The constant flow of air maintains a confortable climate and no condensation forms.

8. Will the sun effect the inflatable bubble?  

Over extensive periods of time the sun will damage anything, but  with periodic use and proper maintenance your bubble hut will last for years.

9. How do you clean the bubble tent?                                                                    

Soap and water is all we reccommend you use…….NO chemicals.

10. Does it have other options?                                                                              

Our bubble cabins and bubble tents have many options available  to customize to you particulair likes and needs.

11. Can I design my own inflatable tent?                                                               

We have been manufacturing all types of inflatable for years and we can build anything you can imagine!

12. What is the warranty?                                                                                       

We have a three year warranty which covers workmanship, parts and materials. If damage resulted from stupidity or neglect we may charge a nominal fee for                                                                                                repair.

13. What material is used to make the clear inflatable camping cabins? Are they saftey compliant?                                                                               

We use a commercial grade 1000d Vinyl coated Nylon, its Uv treated, its treated with Pvc 6mm EN71 coating, Rip Stop Nylon, Waterproof and Fireproof.

14.  Can I add logo’s?                                                                                              

We can add any graphics to the tents, cabins and domes.

15. Do you need dealers for the clear dome camping tents?                              

We offer our products wholesale, and welcome dealers to call us.

 16. Do you have 110V & 220V?                                                                            

Yes, we offer blowers for the European market as well as the US.

17. How big can they be made?                                                                          

 We can make inflatable party tents and inflatable event tents as large as you require.

18. How long until I get my Bubble tent?                                                              

Depending on whether you need customization, the average is 7-10 business days.

 19. What else comes with my inflatable dome?                                                  

Heavy duty storage bag, Ground tarp, Repair kit with Fabric Swatches, Glue, Blower

20. Do they make a good rental business?                                                       

The inflatable bubble tents, cabins and huts are becoming more popular with the eco-tourism/ making the transparent Star Gazer bubble tents a great rental business opportunity.

 21. What other uses are they good for?                                                             

We have had customers use the inflatable office suite for meetings, product showcases, inflatable snow globes with Santa Claus scenes. Auto dealers have also used them to showcase their new

22. Are the bubble tents suitable for harsh weather?

Yes, the inflatable bubble tents provide a protective buffer between you and the harsh elements and are suitable for all four seasons.

23. Is it true the inflatable bubble house help for allergies?

 The bubbles design keeps dirt and other contaminants out as well as other unwanted pests, including mosquitoes, that have been known to carry disease.

24. Do you have the pumps available in 220v?                                              

 Yes, we carry both 110 v & 220v pumps and 750 w & 1500 watt Blowers

 25. Do they come in other colors?                                                                     

We can use other colors for the privacy wall around the clear bubble tents  and domes, as far as changing the color of the PVC, we recommend using colored led lights to achieve illuminating effects.

Setting up your inflatable room or camping bubble or dome.

1. Find a suitable smooth area free of rocks and debris.

2. Pull the tent from the storage bag and locate the tarpauline. Put the tarp where you have decided is a suitable location for the bubble tent. It is wise to notice where water may run should it rain. Set up the bubble tent on high ground. 

3. Pull the bubble tents material outwards in all directions to form a circle and make sure the bubble is setting on it’s base.

4. Tie or stake down the dome or bubble tent to something secure, in case winds suddenly pick up.

5. Attached the blower to the inflation sleeve and turn on the pump. This will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

6. depending on the model you have ,would determine the next step. If you have a bubble suite with an entrance chamber you would inflate this portion and instal the chamber support rods.

7. The chamber allows you to go in and out of the bubble dome with out losing inflation to the main bubble.

Once the bubble room is inflated you use the bloer to keep a constand light pressure that maintainds the bubbles shape.

 8. Once the bubble hut is inflated and secured, then move your belongings in and set up ypur inflatable house the way see fit.

Now just relax and enjoy the experience of sleeping inder the milky way, maybe you’ll catch a shooting star while you stair through 

your transparednt ceiling.

 Inflatable bubble tents and bubble rooms as a business opportunity.

Now is the time to begin your new Bubble lodge, or bubble camping tent rental business.

With eco-tourism becoming more popular and eager tourist wanting try something new, such as sleeping in the mountains with a transparent ceiling over thier heads while they lay in the comfort of a swanky hotel. Now is the perfect time to start promoting the bubble tents for either, self pick up and rent , or you may install them on a campground and have an instant draw to your location, business will be thriving soon after you get the word out about the experience that awaits your visitors to your unique location.