Custom Tents

FREE Design for all custom tents.


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How to custom a tent:

1/ email us an idea of the shape and size of the tent you need.

2/ we will draw a 3D mockup and email you the design, you can modify it until satisfaction. (full payment before design)

3/ after production, physical tent photos will be emailed for a final check before shipping.

please find the below examples of custom inflatable tents for event and home usage.

Example 1

custom a medical tent for The Forsyth Institute, , a Harvard affiliated research institute.

Free 3d drawing, and free logo printing for Forsyth.

find more details of their events using our tents here: (blog & video)


Example 2

A client emailed us an idea of a tent to be used for his backyard.

“… looking for a tent that is 12’ wide, 15’ long and 10’ high. Could you please let me know what’s possible?

then we designed a mockup and communicated with him by email for confirmations. After production, we emailed photos of the tent and the client was very happy about it.  Please find below photos:


You can also find other custom tent photos below:



A custom tent is one of the best inflatable kits for folks to share when they go outing, prepare for events and parties. Some custom tents require an air blower fan to continuously inflate air into it to have a significant breathing space while inside, we can make these tents just need once inflatable, please contact us for more details. This is intended to maintain air pressure inside the custom inflatable tent as it is replaced approximately between 6 to 7 times per hour, through the vents. This tent usually comes with a storage bag, repair kit, ropes to tie it down and a blower or pump. These are vital in installing it on the ground and maintaining it for the safety of the occupants.

The custom tent as well contains the necessary features that are intended to make individuals comfortable and relaxed throughout. These include a bed, sofas, wardrobe, and electricity lights. In addition, it is made of tough and transparent materials which provide a clear and direct view to the outside. These materials are waterproof and heat retardant courtesy of the flexible TPU and PVC. It is also because of these materials why this tent is approved for places with exceedingly beautiful sceneries like parks, picnic centers, amusement centers and near beaches. However, these tents are also available in half-transparent or non-transparent types thereby providing a variety to select from.

Custom inflatable tents are not particularly meant for being mobile, but can easily be deflated and packed from one site to another. This is because a custom tent weighs approximately between 95 and 145 pounds when deflated. Nevertheless, it can weigh more depending on the design, which could include more tunnels, rooms, and free space. It is created for both adults and children ranging from families, relatives, friends, comrades, partners, and teammates, among others. And lastly; bubble tents can be installed in places such as countrysides to stay away from the city noise, camping sites, and beaches to enjoy the beautiful view of the water waves. For more information, contact us on this website.