Why and how you need to choose the right bubble tent

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28th August 2016
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Why and how you need to choose the right bubble tent

Bubble tent is a beautiful component of any executive camping spree. With this, there are many types and varieties of tents. Most of them have specifications on the exact purpose they are to serve. The most common is the inflatable bubble tent due to its wide applications. For any bubble tent, there are 3 tips for using bubble tent:

The right purpose

PVC is the principle raw material for making bubble tents, which cannot tolerate pressures exceeding some levels. This means using them for the wrong purpose will lead to reduced life span. The tents for champing sprees are very different from those used in trade fairs. Some have specific nature of materials that they can handle and it is important to be sure of the specifications.

Maintenance quality and durability

Bubble tents needs to be hygienic since they are for use by humans. However, they are very responsive to cleaning chemicals and they end up wearing out with time. The most preferred way of cleaning them is through the normal washing procedures.

The durability of the tents depends on the nature of contact surfaces it gets into. Even with the hardest quality of fabric, cumulative deterioration is common if abrasion is occasional. Bleaching components are the worst enemies for a bubble tent.

Size and components

Bubble tents are not just for sleeping under the stars. Many other basic components are important and should be part of the components. Although the tents depend on pressure components, the outlook and the maximum weights have safe limits. They can be very risky when the limits are exceeded and proper caution is mandatory.

Many companies have tents for bigger sizes and with installed basic components. Although they are expensive, they are safer in terms of not exceeding the weights.


Bubble tents will make that champing experience wonderful if only used in the right way. The above 3 tips for using bubble tents can help you make the right choices. You can sleep under the stars but at the safest and right bubble tent.

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