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3rd November 2016
29th November 2016

Where To Buy Bubble Tent

Bubble tent can be an affordable way to have fun in the great outdoors. They can also be surprisingly good quality for the price you pay and keep you comfortable in both good weather and bad weather over several years of camping.

As long as you know what features to look for when buying a tent (strong durable plastic, the double was to avoid pulling at the seams sewn) then you should be able to find yourself a good bubble tent at the right price.

Timing is important when buying a bubble tent, as the time of the year has an influence on the price of these tents. Buying in the camping season often means paying more for the same tent than buying the exact same model outside of the normal camping season.

It is not unusual to see these tents selling for half of their Summer price when the camping season ends, and occasionally you will see them sell for less than half price.

The place where you buy this tent can affect the price which you are going to pay. A retailer who mostly sells top name tents can sometimes be expensive to buy from, with the same tent being more expensive than it is in most other retailers.

bubble tentIf you shop online you will be able to compare prices for the bubble tent, and may find sellers offering free or very cheap shipping. This is a cheap way to buy but obviously you can’t see the tent before you buy, so have a look at the same model of tent in an outdoor equipment retailer’s or find a tent which has plenty of good reviews from people who bought it.

Work out the overall cost including shipping before you buy online, as tents can sometimes have a high shipping cost and this must be added to the cost of the tent.

If you are near to an outdoor equipment store, it could be worth checking prices now and then to see if they have tents on offer. Discounts in Summer are unlikely, but before or after this time you may be lucky enough to find yourself a bargain. The retailer might also demonstrate how the tent pitches and this could save you time when you first use it.

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