What to Look for When Buying The Best Inflatable Bubble Tents

1st January 2017
How to select the ultimate bubble tents for leisure and promotional outdoor activities?
17th February 2017

What to Look for When Buying The Best Inflatable Bubble Tents

So many of you might wonder what inflatable bubble tents are.Those of course who may not have come across this recent innovation in Camping. Unlike the normal conventional tents which use fiberglass or steel beams for support, inflatable tents use inflatable beams. When filled up through an air pump,they become hard and rigid and therefore support the whole tent.The bubble tent in particular, once pumped up with air has an airlock which keeps it in place.

Why use an inflatable tent? Is there any notable advantage over the traditional tent? Well the most notable advantage is that they are very easy and convenient to erect. One can literally put one up in a matter of minutes and don’t not worry about them blowing away in the wind because they can be pegged down securely using ropes.They are actually quite stable during rough weather.

inflatable bubble tents Inflatable bubble tents are transparent and take camping to the next level. With a feel of being in the open and under the stars yet safe from the elements. Designed to give campers a panoramic view of their surroundings, the experience is simply unique.

Other than camping, these tents can be used for a variety of other activities and events such as holiday leisure outdoor activities, advertising, car shelter and outdoor shelter as well as promotions. Translucent and half transparent designs are readily available.

The average bubble tent is around 4 meters in length or diameter,which fits 2 or 3 people.It is important to find a reliable supplier or shop that stock only the high quality pvc tents.

The best inflatable tents to buy should be easy to transport and convenient to erect. It is advisable to lay a flat wooden block underneath when setting up.This is due to the fact that despite being highly durable, they are still prone to puncturing. They are easy to pull down and move around and when it comes to activities such as advertising and promotions, they are cheaper compared to setting up a building or structure.
So go ahead and buy yourself and inflatable tent for the best outdoor and leisure experience!

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