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21st December 2016
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Best inflatable sofa soft sofa New air sofa Lazy Sofa Air Bed

Original price was: $399.00.Current price is: $149.00.


product description:

Weight: 1.6kg
Maximum load: 200kg
Specifications (length * width): 230 * 70
Hammock surface material: nylon
Color: black, blue, green, purple, purple, red
Length: 30 * 24cm (packing)
Before inflatable size: 260 * 70cm



1. Recommended outdoor operation, take out the sleeping bag from the cloth pocket, open the sleeping bag stretched out.

2. The best breeze weather, foreign tests are breeze, open the bag against the wind, the wind directly into the air in situ against the wind. If the wind is small, please run 10 meters straight line can be filled with 70-80% of the air, then roll up the seal, to persuade the internal air fullness up to 100%, then seal the mouth with the bayonet on the lock can be locked.


1. Inflatable Note: Remember not to carry pocket in the gas when driving around for a ride, because the pocket is very long, not suitable for a circular drive, easy to tripping their own.

2. Seal up roll Note: In the volume of sealing when the force must be aligned tightly, know that the volume does not move so that the pocket will be full of inflatable. And when the volume must try to smooth! Otherwise not beautiful, but also easy to seal the seal after the leak from the seal may!

3. On the closure of the plastic bags rolled up instructions: Our products inner PVC plastic bags and foreign original seal way to keep in line, without any changes: seal on both sides of the seal rolled up inward to the plastic bag, Usually 1-2 can be, they can adjust the course of use. If you use the process of improper operation, resulting in plastic bags prolapse, do not worry, once again rolled into it.