The benefits of bubble tents
15th July 2016
Do you know our bubble tents?
27th July 2016

Own a bubble tent, enjoy the fun.

Sleeping under the stars is the latest romantic trend. A bubble tent is an invention for the outdoor lovers that allows you to sleep under the stars but with the feel and comfort of home. This tent replaces the traditional camping tent and gives you the chance to view everything that is around you from the comfort of your bed.

When you purchase a bubble tent, it comes with movable wardrobes, sofas and roll out beds. Some even have electricity for lighting. Moving it is pretty easy as it is an inflatable tent so you can use it anywhere. The designs vary from the semitransparent and translucent designs to the fully transparent ones. Tree suspended versions exist as well as beach friendly ones that sit right next to the water. They are made using materials that reflect ultra violet light but require a consistent source of power in order to keep them inflated through a pump that runs silently to maintain internal pressure. This tent has gained popularity and found uses in advertising, exhibitions, camping and holiday activities as well as trade shows.

It is designed with safety and style in mind yet much cheaper and more flexible than a solid building or container. Should it break by accident, it comes down very slowly giving the occupants enough time to get out and is also easily repairable. A bubble tent is the perfect compromise for couples where one partner loves the outdoors whereas the other finds the outdoors a nuisance due to mosquitoes and bugs. With the transparent one, you get to sleep under the stars and enjoy everything nature while enclosed in what is like your own house. You can also have the Bubble tent made to fit your specific requirements such as size, transparency level and even the design. Go ahead and order yours today and enjoy the outdoors in the most comfortable way possible.


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