2nd June 2015
Transparent bubble tent puts campers under the stars
30th June 2015

Inflatable Clear Bubble Tent

The bubble tent is a camping tool that allows one to enjoy the outdoors while at the same time maintaining a modernized interior space. The large size of the bubble tent enables one to decorate it as one prefers thereby transforming a small part of nature to a private sanctuary of tranquility and peace without any insect disturbance. To enhance beauty on the bubble tent, one can install light in the inside for it to become more attractive. It could also be wise for someone to bring some curtains for privacy. The main purpose of the bubble tent is to bring people close to nature due to its magnificent panoramic views of the countryside surroundings. The bubble tent offers a whole new approach in camping by connecting people to the environment. One can therefore get away from the daily hustling and bustling of the city and enjoy a serene surrounding in a bubble tent.


The bubble tent differs from the traditional camping tent in that it is decked out with shelves, sofas, portable wardrobes, roll out beds and electric shelves for lighting purposes. It looks more like a moveable hotel room than an ordinary tent. It can conveniently be installed in parks, parties, backyards, amusement centers and gardens.

There are transparent bubble tents which enable one to enjoy the breath taking views while venturing nature. Unlike the traditional tent, one enjoys a 360 degrees angle of sightseeing throughout the entire day thanks to the transparent bubble tent. Moreover, one is able to see the sun rising, its setting, experience a night under the stars and also see when the moon appears in the sky while at the comfort of a bedroom suite.

In addition to the transparent bubble tents are the translucent designs. You may also find the beach friendly bubble tent that is put just next to water. The tree suspended version normally wraps around trunks hovering over the ground.

Bubble tents are structures made of ultra violet materials that are recyclable and which can be set up in just a few minutes. They can continuously remain inflated through silent pumps that maintain internal pressure constantly. The transparent bubble tent is more preferred due to its wide application in camping, advertising, outdoor activities in holiday leisure, exhibitions, trade shows, outdoor shelter and promotion.

The inflatable tent is safe in that in case it breaks accidentally, it falls down slowly thereby giving people enough time to vacate. During this time, it can also be repaired easily.

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