How to select the ultimate bubble tents for leisure and promotional outdoor activities?

What to Look for When Buying The Best Inflatable Bubble Tents
16th January 2017
2nd March 2017

How to select the ultimate bubble tents for leisure and promotional outdoor activities?

Bubble tents are inflatable tents that appear like a giant bubble. This invention is quite innovative and finds a large number of applications. You will be mesmerised as you place your first glance on them. They are gaining quick popularity worldwide. Now go camping in the forest or for a day of fun by the beach. Special tree-suspended variants are also available to meet specific requirements. These bubble tents install within minutes and give you a unique, comfortable and fantastic experience for you and your loved ones.

2On closer inspection, you can feel its sturdy vinyl and nylon construction. The material is not any ordinary vinyl. It is scientifically prepared to offer UV-protection and be resistant to fires. The bubble cabin is constructed using a thermoplastic polyurethane that is transparent, elastic, and resistant to abrasion. Air is blown into the vinyl material using a noiseless pump. And viola, it transforms into a gigantic bubble in just 30 minutes flat. A tiny yet efficient blower works well to purify internal air and maintain cabin pressure.

 These bubble tents are available in transparent, half-transparent and translucent editions. You also get selection such as LED lights, solar lights, shelf space, pet room, additional windows, convenient restrooms, etc. You may select the one as per your own preference of visibility, privacy and amenities. Now view the stars or enjoy the beauty of the sea or enjoy a scrumptious meal with your beloved in your very own protected bubble tent.

 These bubble tents also find use in commercial applications such as business promotion, sporting events, product show casings, advertising, amusement parks, carnivals, commercial camps, temporary office area, etc.

 These bubble tents will serve you over long years without any hassle. You may simply maintain it clean using soap and water. We offer a one year warranty which includes material and workmanship. The warranty goes void if there is misuse or neglect or due to improper maintenance.

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