Discover Where to Buy Bubble Tent and Why They’re Becoming So Popular

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Discover Where to Buy Bubble Tent and Why They’re Becoming So Popular

Bubble tent is becoming more and more popular for a wide range of applications, including camping, trade shows, advertising, promotions and for various other outdoor activities. These tents aren’t just really attractive but also very practical. So, if you’ve ever really wanted to sleep under the stars – while being able to see those stars – you might wonder where to buy bubble tent. Well, read on to find out more about bubble tents and where you can get one too.

bubble tentWhat Are Bubble Tents?

A bubble tent is an inflatable tent made from PVC and PVC tarpaulin, which makes them completely fire retardant and waterproof. So, with one of these tents, you won’t have to mount a tarp on top of the tent to keep yourself dry.

Bubble tents don’t come cheap but they do offer a unique experience. Considering that bubble tents tend to be transparent, at least in part, you can enjoy your creature comforts all while being in the middle of nature.

Standard bubble tents can house between 2 and 3 people, but larger models have hit the market so that now you can get a tent big enough for 8 people. However, since they are pretty light, you have to make sure to tie them down securely. Likewise, they are prone to puncturing, which is why it’s a good idea to put a sheet of wood or other strong material under the tent to protect it.

Where to Buy Bubble Tent

While Amazon offers quite a few bubble tent options, ideally you should purchase your tent from a dedicated supplier. The latter will generally have a wider selection but can also guarantee quality, which is very important with these types of tents.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to enjoy nature up close but without giving up your creature comforts, then the bubble tent is the ideal option for you.

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